Snowcap Mushrooms have been growing mushrooms since 1967. Spread across three sites in Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire we grow organic mushrooms in a traditional method, using locally grown organic wheat straw as the base for our organic mushroom compost. From producing the compost to harvesting our first crop of delicious organic mushrooms takes 8 weeks. We grow both white and chestnut organic mushrooms and harvest them all at different stages of maturity to give our customers the choice of baby buttons, closed cups, small open mushrooms, and larger flat mushrooms or Portobello.

Our production philosophy is to grow with the care of the environment in mind.Please click here for the Organic Wheat Straw page Using organic raw materials for our compost; using compostable or biodegradable packaging where possible and buying and selling as locally as possible to minimise food miles on our organic mushrooms, so helping to cut down our business’s impact on global warming. You can also know more about us by visiting the HBUC link.